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Woah, I got the files! Server is set up and is now running, want the IP? Comment below and I will edit into this post. Im not too sure if […]

So… Where’s Capital Craft?

Well, Capital Craft might be making a return!   I am in the process of recovering our server files (After I lost everything) We will see how this goes, and […]

Where is Capital Craft?

Hey guys, Dman here. So some of you may be wondering where Capital-Craft has gone. Well, currently the server is down as I cant afford paying for hosting out of […]

Upgraded server!

Okay guys, since it was black friday the other day, I have upgraded the server! We now are using an SSD (Solid State Drive) as well as a dedicated IP. Thus […]

The server is dead.

So guys, I tried to revive Capital Craft, and I obviously have failed that. Nobody has been on the server in the last week and a half. Im going to […]


Im aware that the spawn portal’s do not work. I just fixed the warp’s so atleast that work’s. I will be working on fixing the other stuff when I have […]