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Father of Spudington and Boydino. ;-)

Capital Craft Server is Gone

I’ve stopped the server, and closed the donation store. Thanks to all for a good run!

Capital Craft is Going to Expire

Unless somebody wants to buy the server, website, Facebook page, Google Page, and Twitter account from us, Capital Craft is going to go extinct this month. We have lost interest […]

May 19 Update

Hi friends, Inventory bug(s) are fixed NPC citizens are fixed Spleef and Hunger Games are still disabled, because there is a problem with the match countdown timer in 1.9.* If […]

15 May 2016 Update

Upgraded 1.9.2 → 1.9.4 Got Chat Control working Upgraded other plugins (testing in progress) More fixes and updates to come

April 1 Update: Capital Craft Server Upgrading

Hello players, The Capital Craft Minecraft server is temporarily down while we backup and upgrade to 1.9.2. Hopefully this will help us eliminate some of the bugs. Thank you for […]

Upgrade to 1.9

You may join Capital Craft and play in Peaceful or Skyblock. You will notice, however, that many things still aren’t working: Hunger Games Spleef Chat control The new End Gateway […]

Help Us Decide the Future Direction of Capital Craft

Hello players, We intend to drop Factions, and add a couple things to Capital Craft in its place.* Please vote on your fave from this list: With love, Owners adopted54, […]


The first person who can explain how Gitzinta and farfary are GHOSTIES in this ghost house screenie will receive a valuable prize from adopted54. Please provide your full explanation, and […]


TOMORROW is the deadline for entering AbsTheAwesome’s Build Battle event! Now hurry up and visit the Peaceful forum post on our website titled “My Next Event (WHOOO)!!!!”. This event will […]