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Where is Capital Craft?

Hey guys, Dman here. So some of you may be wondering where Capital-Craft has gone. Well, currently the server is down as I cant afford paying for hosting out of […]

Upgraded server!

Okay guys, since it was black friday the other day, I have upgraded the server! We now are using an SSD (Solid State Drive) as well as a dedicated IP. Thus […]

The server is dead.

So guys, I tried to revive Capital Craft, and I obviously have failed that. Nobody has been on the server in the last week and a half. Im going to […]


Im aware that the spawn portal’s do not work. I just fixed the warp’s so atleast that work’s. I will be working on fixing the other stuff when I have […]

Capital Craft is BACK and is Under New Management.

Alright guy’s, I am the new owner of the server, if you want to play here’s the  IP: Currently I am working on updating plugin’s and I also have […]

Capital Craft Server is Gone

I’ve stopped the server, and closed the donation store. Thanks to all for a good run!

Capital Craft is Going to Expire

Unless somebody wants to buy the server, website, Facebook page, Google Page, and Twitter account from us, Capital Craft is going to go extinct this month. We have lost interest […]

May 19 Update

Hi friends, Inventory bug(s) are fixed NPC citizens are fixed Spleef and Hunger Games are still disabled, because there is a problem with the match countdown timer in 1.9.* If […]

15 May 2016 Update

Upgraded 1.9.2 → 1.9.4 Got Chat Control working Upgraded other plugins (testing in progress) More fixes and updates to come