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Christmas events!


Christmas is around the corner! and we here at Capital craft are ready for some fun this year!  meet us on the 20th 27th to have some holiday fun with a snow fort pvp attack, drop party, and raid may be planned! come stop by for chances to win some great prizes of diamonds, gold, free money, spawners, and maybe even a bedrock or two to celebrate! so come on down on the 20th 27th to win cool stuff and just have a fun time.

event starts at 7:00 pm pst

Beijing, China- 11:00 am, sunday

Edinburgh, Scotland- 3:00 am, sunday

Brisbane, Australia- 1:00 pm, sunday

London, England- 3:00 am, sunday

Barcelona, Spain, 4:00 am, sunday

Anadyr, Russia- 3:00 pm, sunday

NOTE: There will be a Christmas raid on the same day, at 4PM (PST).

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