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Christmas Sale

There is going to be a Christmas Sale, $5 off all donor ranks from December 15-27

4 thoughts on “Christmas Sale


$5 😛 not much, should be half price i think :P, need to beat bio 😉 otherwise the price will be the same as the half price globe, just a suggestion 😉


    yes, well the prices right now without the sale are all cheaper but with the sale on both sites, we will have the same prices for pro and VIP which are the two rank which most people would go for, and the Elite rank will have a more expensive price, which most probable will be the most bought behind the VIP. I’m not saying that you do have to lower the prices, but if you do make them half price it will be a benefit for everyone, cheaper prices more people think it’s good, they buy it, you guys profit, and the server can be upgraded. Thanks, Jonty 🙂

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