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    [Admin] Abs

    Starting January 1st there will be a building competition. During the month of January create a build in the theme of a New Year’s wish. What is your new years wish? Do you want more money? Perhaps a new sibling? Peace on Earth? Better grades? Whatever it is. Whatever your New Year’s wish is, build it. Wishes are due the 31st. Builds must be posted on the Peaceful forums but February 1st. If you do not have forums send a /mail to AbsTheAwesome saying the coords of your build.
    If you /mail AbsTheAwesome and tell me you want to enter or reply to this post I will give you a bedrock for your New Year’s wish. If by Feb 1st you did not enter I will take that bedrock back.

    1st place: 1 bedrock, 3 spawners, 100k, and a world edit book
    2nd place: 3 spawners, 50k
    3rd place: 1 spawner, 25k


    [Admin] Abs

    Also, if 4 people enter unless someone is really bad that would be last place. LOL! Thats about 20min of time. You have a month of time. 🙂


    Yay! This is fun! Thank you Abs. <3


    [Admin] Abs

    LOL! Thank my mom! She came up with the idea. 🙂

    Also go to /warp Example to see an example! DO NOT copy! 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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