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Frequently Asked Questions

What version of Minecraft do I run to play on Capital Craft?

Capital Craft is currently running Spigot version 1.10.*, so for the best experience, we recommend using the latest 1.10.* client. In Minecraft Launcher, create a new profile (or edit your existing profile) and make sure “Use version” is set to “latest.”

What is the address to the Capital Craft server?

In Minecraft, click the “Multiplayer” button, and then “Add server.” For Server Address put

What are the rules on this server?

Staff will enforce 5 basic rules:

  1. Disrespecting other players, staff, or the server is against the rules; this includes offending people’s religious beliefs
  2. Threatening players, staff, or the server is against the rules
  3. Bypassing the anti-swear filter is against the rules
  4. Flooding is against the rules (flooding is repeating a message, /suicide command, or garbled text multiple times)
  5. Griefing (in Peaceful) is against the rules (examples: breaking multiple blocks around someone’s region, placing multiple blocks around someone’s region, trampling crops in someone’s region, killing animals inside someone’s region, not leaving someone’s region when asked, changing spawner types in a Bedrock region, spawning trees within a Bedrock region)

There are also 2 rules for Factions:

  1. Your faction must have an /f home at your base. This means that your faction must have at least one claimed chunk at its base.
  2. You are not allowed to use Lockette signs in Factions.

We will be checking and enforcing these rules!

How do I change my avatar (profile picture) on this website, for comments and forums?

Visit and associate an avatar image with the email address you registered on this website. Make sure the image is rated “G” on Gravatar; otherwise, it won’t show up on Capital Craft.

How do I share a screenshot in the forums?

Upload your screenshot at, and share the link, which will look something like this:

Where should I place my Bedrock?

Bedrock is for Peaceful, and protects a region 51×51 blocks from bedrock up to the sky. You can protect a region in the Peaceful world, in the Nether, or in the End.

DO NOT SNEAK-PLACE, or your Bedrock will not work. In other words, do not shift-click to place your Bedrock. If you do this by accident, ask an Owner for help. (You may contact us here or mail us in-game.)

How do I move my Bedrock region, add another player to my region, prevent mob spawning, or protect crops in my region?

There is a post on /ps commands here (click).

How do I get more commands or another Bedrock block?

Make a donation at our Shop. Be sure to put the full Minecraft name of the player you want the benefits to be applied to.

Will I ever lose my Bedrock region(s)?

  • If you are not seen on our server for 90 days, your Bedrock block(s) are subject to removal;
  • If you are perm-banned, your Bedrock block(s) will, of course, be removed.

I placed a Bedrock, but it did not become a protected region!

You shift-clicked to place the Bedrock, which does not work. Please /mail send to one of the Owners or Admins (see Staff page), and we will fix it for you.

My neighbor hasn’t been on for a long time, and I wish her Bedrock area was gone.

If someone has been inactive for more than 90 days, let us know and we will remove their Bedrock regions.

How do I PvP with another player?

PvP is OFF in Peaceful. If you want to PvP, go to Factions or one of the Mini-games.

How do I learn more about the Factions commands?

Visit this link:

How do I play Spleef?

Type /warp Arcade, then /spleef join and click on the shovel if a game isn’t already in progress. If you get stuck by yourself in the Spleef arena, you can type /spleef leave.

How do I play Color Shuffle?

Type /warp Arcade, then /color join and wait.

How do I play Hunger Games?

Tell other players that you want to play. Then type /warp hg and click on one of the arena signs. If you get stuck by yourself in one of the arenas, you can type /hg leave.

How do I play SkyBlock?

A list and explanation of commands are here (click). Boydino is going to build a lobby with instructions.

Y I cannot check my balance?

Please do not use /bal or /money. Use /balance, and you will see your money totals in Peaceful, Factions, and Skyblock.

Help! I lost my inventory!

Please note that our server keeps your Peaceful inventory (and XP) separate from your Factions inventory and SkyBlocks inventory, so that you cannot transfer between the three games. So, when you use /back, /warp, /tpa or /home commands, you might see your inventory change. Don’t worry… when you return to where you were before, you’ll have the same inventory again.

Nobody can teleport to me. 🙁

If you are in your Bedrock region try toggling the prevent-teleport flag by typing /ps toggle prevent-teleport

Someone took armor off my armor stand in Peaceful!

Check this article (click).

How do I change the color of my text in chat?

You insert color codes. For example, type &9Hello &apeople to get: Hello people.


How do I get someone’s head/skull?

Talk to an Owner or an Admin:

  • If you want your own head, or a generic head (such as a pig head), the price is currently $5000. You will /pay the Owner/Admin, and they will give you the head;
  • If you want another player’s head, you are NOT ALLOWED to purchase it from an Owner or Admin. You may only purchase it from that player, at whatever price they set.

How do I apply to become staff?

First, join our server and show us that you are able to consistently follow our five rules (above). Next, send us a message and tell us:

  1. what is your in-game name?
  2. what days of the week (Sun-Sat) and times (include timezone) are you most likely to be on our server?
  3. what do you think is required of a Helper?
  4. why you think you’d be a good Helper?
  5. what do you think is a good example of a location to set a warp?
  6. provide an example of a scenario where you think it would be a good idea to temporarily mute a player

Once you are a Helper, you move through the ranks by doing a good job! It also depends on the current needs of the server.

What is this website’s privacy policy?

Click here.

What if I have other questions?

Post in our forums, or contact us.