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The first person who can explain how Gitzinta and farfary are GHOSTIES in this ghost house screenie will receive a valuable prize from adopted54.

  • Please provide your full explanation, and your IGN in a comment below
  • Sorry, staff members are not allowed to enter this contest
  • Click the image to view full size
Gitzinta and farfary

Gitzinta and farfary

6 thoughts on “Ghosties!


    Okey, was that too EASY?

    You got it, Raising. 🙂

    But now, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHO GRIEFED AND TURNED THIS INTO A GHOST HOUSE. (It is NoiseInGeneral’s place… somebody trashed it. >:( )


    They can’t do /gamemode 3 anyway there not admins there only mods I would assume they did /v and put there heads on that might be it bc when there in /v i can see their armur

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