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News — 11 December 2014

  1. The Christmas sale will be $5 off Pro donor rank, $10 off Elite donor rank, and $10 off VIP donor rank. The sale will run from December 15-27.
  2. You can now get three spawners for $5 in shop.
  3. Two Bedrock blocks stopped working for two different players. We fixed these. All the other Bedrock blocks were apparently unaffected by this glitch. However, check your Bedrock block just to be safe. Go to your region and run /ps info. If it says “no fields found,” then contact us or post in the forums, or watch for an Owner online. We’ll break it and give it back to you so that you can re-place it.

One thought on “News — 11 December 2014


thanks for lowering the prices just that little bit more adopted! now i can get a rank and some other stuff as well, also you should get more people coming to buy it

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