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Opinions requested on Lockette plugin

One of our players cannot create Chest Shops. The log file shows this error when he tries to make the sign:

[Lockette] (Player) just tried to change a non-editable sign. (Bukkit bug, or plugin conflict?)

There is a known conflict between the Lockette plugin and the ChestShop plugin. However, it hasn’t affected our other players yet.

Should we just remove the Lockette plugin? Please post your opinions here in comments.


12 thoughts on “Opinions requested on Lockette plugin


Yeah I think that you should leave the lockette plugin and find a new chest shop plugin. But either way it’s not that big of a deal but I would prefer leaving the lockette plugin


honestly, I don’t know what we should do, so I’ll just go with the majority the of people and say leave lockette and get a different chest shop plugin in, since there are hundreds out there which we can change to


Both plugins are nice to have however if we don’t have the locket plugin ppl added to the area can go into other ppl’s personal chests in the area. But if we’re basing this only off the chest shops alone, other people can’t open chest shops if they are not the creator of it anyway so personally I have split opinions on this so maybe base this off every1 else and ignore this comment if nessecary XD

adopted54 Post author

I wanna get rid of Lockette, and ifan seemed to support that idea, but you guys are all whining. 😉 😉

I think we’ll just leave it for now, seeing as only one player is affected. I might look into other chest shop plugins.

adopted54 Post author

Update: ChestShop uses the Vault plugin, and I found that we were running Vault 1.5.0. This version of Vault was made for MC 1.8 servers, whereas we’re running CB 1.7.9. This could have been the issue; I’m not sure. Either way, I downgraded our Vault plugin to version 1.4.1, which is for CB 1.7.9.

adopted54 Post author

Update: Now that we’re running Spigot 1.8, I updated Lockette from 1.8.4 to 1.8.9 and discovered that it’s causing bugs.

I disabled Lockette. We don’t really need it. Players can put their chests inside their Bedrock regions. Besides, they mess up the looting thing in Factions.

If Lockette comes out with a better version, I might give it another chance.

    adopted Post author

    Hey Benprent,
    Lockette is currently disabled. Are you still unable to make a chest shop? If not, then I think the ChestShop plugin doesn’t like you very much! 😉

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