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Server Reset / Upgrade

Our server is running CraftBukkit 1.7.9. For legal reasons, it looks like CraftBukkit will not be upgrading.

In order to permit the latest Minecraft client version, we are going to upgrade our server to Spigot 1.8.

The upgrade requires us to reset the world data. This means that all players will lose anything they have built.

If you donated, you will keep your rank, and we will give you any extra Bedrock or Spawners as soon as we have a chance.

We’re sorry to do this, but we need to if we want to keep in step with the latest version of Minecraft.

Important dates:

  • Wednesday, January 14: We will take down WorldGuard and PreciousStones; this means that the entire world can be raided, looted, and destroyed by all players — the rules about griefing will not apply until after the reset.
  • Thursday, January 15: We will close the server to begin the upgrade process. We will work hard, but cannot promise when the server will reopen.

Note: We’re also planning to add more to the server in the future, such as Factions, Towny, Sky Wars, and more Mini-Games.

Check this website for updates, and post any concerns in the Forums!

7 thoughts on “Server Reset / Upgrade


I have the same question as hope. Also for the new games and such if you guys need anything with redstone or commands just mail me at [email address removed] I’ll be happy to help

adopted54 Post author

We’re doing the work in two stages. Stage one is just to upgrade to 1.8 and get hub and Peaceful spawn in place. Stage two (once things have settled) is to add things like Mini-Games, Factions, Towny, Sky Wars.


Awesome! I really can’t wait for 1.8 update! I love all the things that were added and I almost die without them! also in the stage 2 ill be staring by ready to help u guys if u need any, just trace me up and ill get on and help, might be a little hard to communicate tho, Skype may help with that tho (wink wink nudge nudge ;)) 😛 🙂

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