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Spleef and Color Shuffle


Capital’s first mini-games are up and running! Spleef and Color Shuffle! and they’re so easy to play!


step 1: type /spleef join

step 2: click the diamond spade, if it says 0 by it then you’ll be the first one in the arena.

step 3: wait ten seconds for the game to begin, then drop the other member into lava! You can break away snow with the spade or with some snowballs you get in the game.

step 4: if you win you get points, so you brag to friends. (Check /spleef stats)

If you’re the only player in the arena and you want to leave, then just do /spleef leave

Color Shuffle

Type /color join … you can play by yourself or with others who join.

We at Capital Craft hope you have fun with the first of our mini-games, and can’t wait to show all of you the other games we have in store!

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