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Update 15 January 2015

The server is down now (as of 4:30pm PST).

Please give us at least a few days to re-open. We’ve got work and school!

When we do re-open, you’ll use the latest Minecraft client version (1.8.1) to connect. Not everything will be ready, but Hub and Peaceful will be working.

Thanks for your patience.

5 thoughts on “Update 15 January 2015

    adopted54 Post author

    Hi Templar,
    Correct… Unfortunately all player data is being reset as well. 1.8 has changed inventory data, (and other changes in preparation for Minecraft name changes).
    In the long run, this is going to be better for us all though. We won’t just be “compatible” with 1.8, we’ll actually be running 1.8. 🙂


but guys now that we’re adding extra servers “peaceful” isn’t our main priority all we need to do is add a lobby/hub then we can white list the staff then we can help with the servers SkyWars,Creative etc.

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