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Help Us Decide the Future Direction of Capital Craft

Hello players,

We intend to drop Factions, and add a couple things to Capital Craft in its place.*

Please vote on your fave from this list:

New CC idea1. KitPvP
2. GTA (Grand Theft)
3. OP Prison -- DropParty
4. Creative
5. Skywars

With love,

Owners adopted54, Spudington, boydino


*We will also be adding Capital World, which is not part of this vote.

6 thoughts on “Help Us Decide the Future Direction of Capital Craft


I think something like a Mob arena would be cool but thats basically a kitpvp right? (I mention this because its one of the things i have doing in minecraft lately 😉 )


    Adopted, Mob arena is a wave based player vs. mob pvp (although players cannot attack each other) I like it and think it would be good because recently CC has been a lil’ empty, and playing HG by myself is a little boring :p so, SPUD! BOYDEENO! Get on it! xD just kidding its just a suggestion (I didn’t see this earlier because I’ve been in 1.9 and beta days lately ;D)

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